Jenan Ali 🇰🇼

"I’ve always wanted to improve my public speaking skills but never had the courage to do anything about it until my friend told me about Rabih. With his interactive sessions, knowledge, and down-to-earth personality I’ve been able to learn a lot of techniques and tips that have helped me tremendously. 

You can’t go wrong with Rabih as your public speaking coach." 

~ Trained as part of an online coaching program

Alexandra Valerik 🇱🇧

"I can say with confidence that before Rabih's training and after it, my public speaking skills have improved dramatically. He knows exactly what to say, how to say it and when. 

I'm forever grateful and he's definitely the best out there!"

~ Trained as part of the Femme Francophone Entrepreneure entrepreneurial competition in Lebanon

Rakesh Laxman 🇦🇪

"A brilliant trainer. The tips and tricks that Rabih shared have helped me grow in confidence and deliver presentations with ease. 

A definite go-to guy if you need help in public speaking."

~ Trained as part of bespoke corporate training program in the United Arab Emirates

Jean-Charles Rouge 🇱🇧

"Rabih had the capacity to quickly assess my strengths and point out my areas of improvement, some of which I was not even aware of! I liked the way he organized our private coaching sessions and I learned a lot in just a few hours.

Highly recommended to those who are in need of a boost in public speaking technique."

~ Trained as part of a private coaching program in Lebanon

John Blake 🇦🇺

"Rabih demonstrated quality training methodologies that would benefit a variety of organisations. He was well prepared, creative, inclusive and a natural communicator.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rabih if you are looking for a professional trainer."

~ Delivered Train-The-Trainer program via The Box Hill Institute

Rosabelle Chedid 🇱🇧

"If you're looking for an excellent, dedicated, professional, supportive and very organized public speaking instructor -- Rabih is that person! Through his interactive approach to coaching & training, you will be able to easily reach your communication objectives. 

I know I did."

~ Trained as part of the Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes scientific competition in Lebanon