These happy faces are those of winning entrepreneurs. Ones of many I have coached over the years, particulary as part of startup competitions.

From startup & scientific pitching to corporate presentations and TEDx talks — my programs make sure you shine.
And from startup founders to academics, senior executives and social media personalities — my coaching is always:

I am always curious to get to know more about you. What gets you going? How did you reach where you are today? Who is your role model? Why do you do what you do? Asking such questions (and more) gets us to very interesting places. That, I can guarantee.
Getting to speak in front of a large or (or virtual!) audience needs to get you excited. Not stressed. Excited! Here's where I come along. You will feel energized during and after our sessions together, making you want to get closer to your speaking day. Yes: that much!
My coaching programs are designed to go the distance. You'll discover yourself being able to reach deep down within yourself, to speak your truth with authenticity; the right words; and your charisma. You have my word — and you can take their word for it.

Public speaker and coach specialized in speaking for virtual & live audiences
For corporate speaking engagements: