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Discovering My Love for Speaking

My brother-in-law is a role model to me on so many levels.

His earliest memory of me?

Jumping up and down on the living room couch, singing the “Darkwing Duck” theme song.

Darkwing Duck!
When there’s trouble you call DW
Darkwing Duck
Let’s. Get. Dangerous.
Darkwing Duck!
Darkwing... Darkwing... Duck!

* * *

Public speaking entails a presence under the spotlight

—and it was shining bright on me during my formative years at school.

In addition to featuring in major theater productions and being class representative, I was known to imitate a lot of my teachers.

Some imitations were spot-on, others were work-in-progress…

And then there was this time when a teacher from another section called for me to impersonate her husband (my math teacher) in front of her class:

I was asked to perform based on a talent.

* * *

Take a closer look at yourself for a minute:

  • What makes you tick?
  • What differentiates you from everybody else?
  • What’s your secret mojo? 

You have no right to say “nothing”. We’re all shaped by the sum of our experiences. No two people are the same in that regard.

There must be something that you know or do better than others. 

Once you figure it out, I wish you to go through what I experienced next: 

I was paid to perform based on a talent
—that I continually harness.

* * *

The teachers’ imitations. The major theater productions.

The frantic analysis of US presidential debate performances.

The constant playback of TED talks.

The soft spot for dramatic monologues in movies.

The workshops attended.

The books read.

The begging I did to land my first (free) public speaking coaching gig.

It all makes perfect sense now.

And receiving the below feedback from a client makes me realize for what purpose I was sent on this Earth: 

“There are few experiences that move me to post on social media, even LinkedIn, but spending two days training under Rabih was too good to remain silent about. 

To say that the work we did with Rabih was beneficial is an understatement. I have attended quite a fair share of these types of training sessions in the course of my career and I can honestly say that what Rabih gave us was the best training experience I have ever had.

He was professional, friendly, made the material accessible and was patient with our inexperience with the material. He had a sense of humour and provided a relaxed but structured environment in which to learn. In all my years in the public school system I have never encountered a better teacher. 

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and learn under Rabih and would recommend him with the highest confidence to absolutely anyone.” 

* * *

Life should not be about chasing a promotion. 

Worrying about the future. 

Going through the motions. 

Playing it safe. 

Life is anchored in love. 

I can see clearly now: 

My love is for public speaking training. 

What’s yours?